[Vironika] is the first and only life coach I will have. Finally: someone that understood me. Finally someone who walked in my shoes found a new and happy way to live.
Karen Maynard

I’m not looking up at a perfect guru, whose lesson will remain always out of grasp. I’m looking directly into the face of a beautiful soul who loves and accepts me just how I am, and I am able, finally, to see beauty and strength in myself too.
Lorissa Hughes

One of my coaching clients once said to me:

“There’s nothing like the right support at the right time.”

Many of us know what the right time is because we feel pain, but we don’t know where to find the right support, so that pain turns into suffering rather than healing.

When you’re going through a transformative time in your life and you’re realizing that nothing is what you thought it was, you do not need someone to preach at you. You don’t need dogma. You don’t need someone to sit there, looking bored and detached from you while the timer clicks away. You don’t need another inspirational quote or self-help book recommendation. You don’t even need advice.

What you do need is someone to look you in the eye and see you—really see you. You need someone to see beyond your current chaos into the powerful, resilient, ever-changing, magnificent person that you are inside. You need someone who won’t push their own beliefs and opinions onto you. You need someone to be a mirror for your light, so that you can get out of the darkness.

If you’re feeling a deep, inner “Yes!” at these words, then we’ll get along wonderfully. I am here to help people just like you—people who want to be awakened to their own inner potential and learn to become experts on themselves.

You can apply to work with me by scrolling to the bottom of the page, but before you do, take a moment to learn about how I can help you.

Whom Do I Help and How?

I help people on the journey of self-discovery and healing. Since all our journeys are different, people come to me for different reasons. Some common issues that I have helped clients explore and heal include:

  • Chronic insecurity, feeling invisible, lack of confidence
  • Experiences of anxiety and/or depression triggered by self-judgment
  • Lack of motivation and follow-through (especially stemming from failed attempts at self-improvement)
  • People-pleasing, relying on the approval of others
  • Body image issues and toxic relationships with food
  • Fear of criticism and failure
  • Traumatic responses from past events (including rejection, neglect, and abuse)
  • Patterns of relationship co-dependence and jealousy
  • Inner separation (e.g. feeling a battle between heart and mind)
  • Unreleased resentment and grudges for loved ones or people from the past
  • Emotional numbness, lack of vulnerability

While the symptoms of an unhealthy relationship with oneself are unique to each individual, the symptoms of wellness tend to look more similar. I’ve watched my clients develop:

  • Self-compassion and a growing sense of confidence
  • Healthy patterns of self-talk and self-exploration
  • Insight into the “inner voice” and the ability to communicate with it
  • Productive responses to emotional triggers (instead of blowing up or shutting down)
  • More fulfilling family, platonic, and romantic relationships
  • Ability to take action and make changes, even with the possibility of criticism or failure
  • Nourishing daily rituals of mental, physical, and emotional self-care
  • Ability to let go and walk away from toxic situations, relationships, and activities
  • A deeper sense of meaning and drive to do purpose-filled work (as well as guidance along the path of doing that work)

Just like each relationship is unique, each of my coaching relationships is unique as well. Coaching with me is not a 7-step program or a 4-part framework. It’s more like a safe space for self-discovery—an intimate friendship with someone who sees the best in you and genuinely cares about seeing you thrive. I am here to cry with you, laugh with you, celebrate with you, and believe in you when you don’t believe in yourself.

While there is no curriculum, there is a basic structure: self-aware self-discovery. That means we will work together to discover your authentic self in your own authentic way. The focus will be on helping you observe, accept, and understand yourself, so that you can not only overcome the struggles of today, but also build valuable skills that will help you tomorrow.

If this sounds right for you—great! Before you apply, know that I get many applications, but I only work with the people I truly believe I can help. That is why I have created a mini-profile of my most successful clients and a mini-profile of myself.

Is This You?

  • You are willing to learn new things and be open to new information and experiences. If you are resistant to change, you are willing to work on this resistance and do your best to open your mind to new possibilities.
  • You understand the value and importance of human-to-human help, and you are ready to share yourself intimately with another person.
  • You are interested in discovering yourself and making your own choices, rather than seeking for an expert to cure you or make decisions for you. You are no longer wanting or willing to be a victim. You are not going to wait for someone to save you. You are ready to take responsibility for your own healing and happiness.
  • You are willing to step outside of your comfort zone and act with courage (even if it means facing fears and being uncomfortable).
  • You are honest, open, and willing to communicate your thoughts and feelings (even if you have a hard time communicating—you are willing to learn).
  • You want to become the kind of person who not only lives without constant suffering, but also goes on to ease that suffering in others. You want to make the world a better place.
  • You want to commit and stay committed. You know you need help, you want help, and, most importantly, you’re ready to receive it.

A Little about ME

  • I am “one of us”—I’m not someone who claims authority through a PhD, a deck of cards, or some magic portion. I’ve been into the depths of anxiety, depression, addiction, abuse, self-hatred, and fear. I understand your pain. I can relate.
  • I am honest about whom I can help and whom I can’t. I build deeply intimate relationships with all my clients, and I choose those relationships wisely, so that we can both benefit in the long term. To me, that is called integrity.
  • I will help you discover your own way and your own unique gifts (rather than trying to change you into who I think you should be).
  • The work I do here is a product of my own self-awareness—this is what my inner wisdom has called me to do. I’m deeply passionate about this work and about my clients.
  • I commit completely to the people I work with and I stop at nothing to help them grow, heal, and connect to themselves, others, and the world in a meaningful way.
  • I believe that absolutely everyone can heal their mind, discover their inner power, and live a beautiful, inspiring life. I will not let you settle for labels that shrink your potential down to size. I will see your ability to heal and grow, even in the moments when you cannot.

What My Clients Say

Vironika is the first and only teacher I’ve worked with or read who is so willing to share her own very human experience, in all its perfect imperfectness. Her openness about her pitfalls and trials is what makes the message so accessible. I’m not looking up at a perfect guru, whose lesson will remain always out of grasp. I’m looking directly into the face of a beautiful soul who loves and accepts me just how I am, and I am able, finally, to see beauty and strength in myself too.

Lorissa Hughes

I began working with Vironika to learn how to love myself, a concept that I felt was selfish and contrary to my Christian beliefs. I always felt different from everyone else. I had lost all self confidence and frequently felt hurt or offended by others. I was at such a low point in my marriage, I just wanted out. But, I knew that I was “all screwed up” and needed to be clear minded before making a decision to leave the marriage. My first encounter with Vironika was through email. After reading an article she wrote for Mind Body Green and subsequently reading her book, “The Love Mindset”, I knew this person understood what I could not. That question that ruminated through my mind every single day: what is wrong with me??? After seeking her help, her email response contained words that gave me my first hope in a very long time and became my lifeline: “You are not broken, you are stronger than you think”.

…I now show up for myself, so I am never stranded or alone. And, I now accept him for who he is and choose to love him even when he disappoints. …I am often still confused; bewildered by his actions or lack thereof. But, I am secure in my worth. I see myself differently now. I have revisited old wounds, re-assessed and released them. I’ve learned that I must let go of old hurts, broken dreams and losses in order to receive new, better things and truly live. This is true inner peace. I have finally won the war after loosing many battles.

I’m not afraid of anything!
Debbi Howard

I was seriously struggling with tying my heart and mind together when I found Vironika’s book The Love Mindset.  After reading The Love Mindset, and realizing that I was not, in fact crazy, I reached out to Vironika through her website.  Vironika helped me to connect my heart and brain so that they see the gifts that each one brings to the table.  In doing so, honor both the mind and the heart to create a Love Mindset for my whole being.  Working with Vironika has been, truly, a metamorphosis into discovering the fullness of Who I Am.

I feel whole and complete.  I don’t feel that I am “missing” anything because through this journey, I have found that both the heart and brain can co-exist AND BE HAPPY!!!  I am able to be compassionate and loving, and I am completely satisfied with the decisions that I make.  Finally, the critic that lives inside my head, is even impressed that soul and mind can co-exist, be happy AND excited to move forward without fear.

Wendi Spisak

Vironika embodies self-love and care in a mature way. Many people talk it. Ever the student of life, Vironika’s wisdom is beyond her years. Vironika’s unconditional acceptance moved me safely out of my head and into my core. Thinking my way out of things was useless if I could not feel and heal. Vironika’s unlimited e-mail support was no joke. She was truly there for me, and her responses timely. I am amazed at her commitment to my growth. She is a wonderful listener and our Skype sessions always left me empowered, ready to be with and stand up for myself.

Stephanie Hoffpauir

I feel so very blessed to have met Vironika. I have struggled with a lack of true identity most of my adult life which has caused anxiety, depression and generally not knowing my self worth. This overall lack of love for myself and others affected my intimate relationships. My marriage of over twelve years ended five years ago when my husband left me. Instead of working on myself I did the next best thing I thought: get into another relationship to desperately seek the love from an outside source. My relationship was not a healthy one from the start, but for the first time I was instantly attracted to this person physically and I fell so hard. I was controlling and attempting to make someone with addiction get better and love me – but he didn’t feel anything more than a friend for me. I became completely obsessed in winning his love and admiration while totally losing myself in the process.

Both he and my husband chose to leave me for another woman. I carried anger, guilt and self judgement and loathing for so many years I did not even realize it. I have been in traditional therapy for many years searching for the quick fix of diagnosis and medication. I searched out codependency and self help books and even meditation sessions to get better.

Through being in a Meet-Up group I received an email from an upcoming speaker – Vironika Tugaleva. Her initial email was about loving yourself and how love is abundant and the key. I emailed her with a final hope that someone could finally put me on the path. She is the first and only life coach I will have. Finally: someone that understood me. Finally someone who walked in my shoes found a new and happy way to live.

Through my meetings with her she has given me a new way to live life and loving is really the answer. Letting go of emotional suffering is not purely distracting and ignoring your pain but actually feeling it and walking through it. I now look at other people differently than before. I have learned that because I have judged and labelled myself so much I didn’t know how to really love. I am still on my path but I feel Vironika has helped point me in the right direction and I am making small changes everyday to accept my feelings and appreciate my importance in this world where we are truly loving beings deserving of self love. Thank you Vironika. I am eternally grateful for your love and wisdom.

Karen Maynard

Are We Right For Each Other?

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