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Love and Gaslight by Vironika Wilde hardcover


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Love and Gaslight by Vironika Wilde

More than a poetry book, Love and Gaslight is a story. Divided into five chapters, it sparks with one woman’s decision to leave an unhappy relationship. Her choice begins a painful unraveling. Poem by poem, she searches for lost innocence and unpalatable truth.

She is a sexual assault survivor reclaiming her body. She is an immigrant climbing into the home-sized hole in her heart. She is an adult comforting her inner child. She is a woman questioning the social conditioning that governs her freedom.

Love and Gaslight is raw, political, and transgressive. It’s edgy, feminist, and relevant. Most importantly, it’s honest. You will feel it. Whether it makes you feel sad, glad, or attacked, it will also make you feel brave enough to speak your truth.

Reviews for Love and Gaslight

Soul Food
Brendilyn, Dec 11, 2020

This book will feed you fill you up you’ll wanna share with everyone

Vulnerable and Empowering
Joanna E. Chapin, Nov 2, 2020

Love and Gaslight is an inspiring journey of emotional healing both refreshing in its honesty and jarring in its raw vulnerability. Each poem pulls you into the author’s lived in experiences with love, trauma, and sexuality. The writing resonates with hard won wisdom birthed from pain. Stories of survival are balanced with notes to self that function as literal life lines imparting hope and truth to the reader. Love and Gaslight is a beautiful and courageous collection of poetry that is validating to read because it so clearly shows the transformative and non linear process of healing.

Zoe, Jan 12 2020

A must read for any feminist, or woman who is at a crossroads in her life. This bravely touches on sensitive subjects in a bold way, empowering!!!

Powerful. Vulnerable.
Aiesha, Nov 3, 2020

Spark. Heat. Fire. Smoke. Burn. Glow… Vironika Wilde presents a collection of emotionally evocative poetry that follows a masterfully constructed narrative. I became absorbed in the poignant story Love and Gaslight tells, thanks to the author’s prowess in translating raw emotion into words. I felt the heat rising from every page. The amount of deliberate effort and honesty that went into creating this book makes me feel honoured to read it. It’s clear that every line, stanza, punctuation point, shape and poem placement within the book is intentional. The red hot content of this book certainly set my heart ablaze and I can say without hesitation that Love and Gaslight is one of my favourite poetry collections.

LISTEN: Too Much For You

A poetic journey that’s seductive, heartbreaking, and refreshingly honest. Vironika Wilde’s debut album of spoken word poems is an emotional rollercoaster through lust and love, doubt and faith, self-love and self-hatred. Bring your broken heart, grab a box of tissues, and get ready to revaluate the meaning of a happy ending.



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