Shortly after I had a mental breakdown, I fell out of touch with the person I thought I was. With my party girl clothes safely piled in the closet, listening to my roommates getting ready for yet another night out, I would grab a jar of Nutella and dig deep into the TED website.

It was not as romantic as it sounds.

I had quit smoking simultaneously as I quit throwing up my food. Replacing with chocolate spread was doing nothing for my awful energy levels and poor body image. Also, while I hid in my bedroom this way, sometimes people would come to my door with a joint or a flask, kindly offering me the very things whose tentacles I had just removed from my throat.

I would just strap on headphones and watch more TED talks.

Looking back, I probably should have just eaten some carrot sticks, made a plan to move out, and watched the TED talks in the library. It didn’t have to be as uncomfortable as it was. But that was my story—my months in a cocoon of self-discovery.

If you are stuck in your own healing cocoon, and you need some encouraging voices, I hope you’ll find these talks helpful. I sure did.

What about you? Which TED talks have helped you on your journey within? Please leave a comment below.


3 thoughts on “Best TED Talks for the Journey of Self-Discovery

  1. Wow Vironika Tugaleva! What courage you have to share how you spent a number of months in a healing cocoon of self-discovery. Thanks for sharing those awesome TED Talks that helped you heal. Warm Hugs, Pam

  2. Great collection here Vironika, thanks as always for sharing! I’ve only seen one of them, can’t wait to check out the rest- you’re the living proof of how useful they must be, am I right?! You’re an inspiration! Keep up the positive work <3 <3 <3

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