Do you want to give a special gift to someone? Maybe that someone is you.

A few years ago, I bought a yellow Brother Charger 11 and started doing custom typewriter poems for a collective called Ars Poetica. At one point, there was a spreadsheet with thousands of poem requests for us to fulfill. Let me tell you, there were a lot of love poems! I got some extensive experience writing those. As time went on, I noticed myself gravitating towards the self-healing and self-love poem requests—the ones intended to be medicinal parts of a person’s self-discovery journey. While I’ve still continued doing love poems and gifts, the healing poems began to hold a special place in my heart. I’ll share with you some of my favourites below.

After the lockdowns finally let up in 2021, I wandered to the beach in Toronto and busked poetry for the first time in my life, sharing some of my favourite short spoken word pieces with complete strangers. It was exhilirating! That summer, I started bringing cardstock and markers everywhere I went, ready to draw custom poems.

I’ll admit, I was nervous at first. Drawing poem requests was different experience from typing them. I had to not only compose poetry on the spot but also create fonts and artistic touches along the way. My nervousness faded after the first few poems. The reactions were priceless: hands clutching chests, happy tears falling from suddenly vulnerable eyes, smiles penetrating tough exteriors. After that, I started bringing my tools for handdrawn poems with me to every event. There’s nothing like creating a unique, custom, meaningful piece of word art for someone. Here are a few examples of these:

Other Custom Writing

In addition to typewritten and hand-drawn poems, I’ve also helped people write all kinds of letters. I’ve helped people apply for scholarships and university programs. I’ve helped people confess their emotions and apologize. I’ve helped people find mantras and slogans for their self-healing journeys.

Whatever kind of custom writing you need, I’m here. Let me know what you’re looking for using the form below or email me at wildewords (at) vironika (.) org.