When it’s tough to wake up, face the day,
when the baggage is too heavy to lift but it suffocates,
when healing feels as impossible as staying present,
when your creative spirit feels like an absent parent,
when your mind feels like an aggressive opponent,
when fear and fury dominate too many moments,

there is a tunnel out of the misery.

Are you ready to climb out,
to heal, feel, write some poetry?

Hey, I’m Vironika, and I’m a published poet, award-winning writer, slam-winning spoken word artist, writing coach, and a firm believer in the therapeutic power of poetry. After releasing two cathartic collections in the past year, both of which have soared to Amazon’s bestseller lists in Canadian and Women’s poetry, I want to share what I’ve learned throughout the process.

“Write Out Your Pain” isn’t just a writing course. It’s a journey into the depths of your unhealed trauma, unrealized dreams, and repressed joy. This is deep work. You will feel. You will be triggered. You will be frustrated. You will be angry and sad and joyful. You will laugh and cry and remember. But you will also gain new perspectives on yourself. You will climb out of the helplessness. You will find your voice.

Write Out Your Pain

Ready to write your heart out? Write your pain out? Write words that make you say, “wow, that’s exactly how I feel”? Join me for 30 days of daily emails that:

  • prompt you to address unhealed trauma through poetry
  • stimulate, inspire, challenge, and refine your writing process
  • ask questions that help you connect your feelings to your writing
  • share intimate details about my process of writing, publishing, and performing poetry
  • capture me feeling real-time emotions and show how I transmute them into art
  • address common obstacles to feeling truly free in the writing process

The format for the course includes:

  • 30 days of daily emails with a video and a task
  • screen captures of me doing the tasks along with you, sharing my creative process
  • ability to start and stop the course any time
  • a Discord group where you can share your poetry journey with others if you choose
  • an opportunity to submit your poetry to me for feedback
  • PDFs of my most recent books included as course materials

Are You Ready?

Pay $50 if you can or have it for free.
The journey is ready for you.
Come write with me.

If you can’t afford $1 and want in, let me know.

Healing Starts With Self-Expression

My biggest progress, I’ve made through my own art. Not through talking about it with others. Not through hypnosis or meditations or even self awareness practices. Through writing.

It took me a long time to realize this truth. What it took, as a matter of fact, was waking up from a creative dry spell that lasted years. As a child, I wrote poetry and songs. After I had a mental breakdown, I kept writing and that writing helped me, but I avoided poetry. So I was more than surprised when poetry chased me down, pinned me to the wall, and said, “write the truth.” I was even more surprised about what the words revealed, how much I hadn’t healed: a lifetime of sexual assault, abusive relationships, slow boil social anxiety, the list goes on.

When I started writing the truth, I couldn’t stop, and it started changing my life. I left a toxic relationship. I started owning my anger rather than repressing it. I found my sexuality beneath layers of physical trauma. I identified what was triggering my chronic pain symptoms and wrote out the tension word by word by word. I found answers to questions I didn’t realize I could ask.

Poetry is Writing for the Soul

Maybe you’re thinking, “Okay, writing sounds nice, but why poetry? I don’t know if I’m a poet.”

The beautiful thing about poetry is that it’s flexible. You don’t need to write full sentences if that’s not what you feel. But you can write sentences if you want to. In fact, some of my most popular poems are just paragraphs with a title. With poetry, I can write five words or I can write a thousand. It’s still a poem as long as it expresses a real emotion.

To me, a poem isn’t something that rhymes. It’s something that makes you feel deeply when you’re writing and makes other people feel deeply when they’re reading. That’s not the definition you’ll find in the dictionary. But it is the reality you’ll find at any poetry slam or inside any worthy poetry book.

After I won a poetry slam in Melbourne, I thought I’d feel something. I had placed second in Toronto many times, qualified for finals as well as Women of the Word. I thought a #1 placement would make me feel accomplished. But you know something? I took my prize of 50 Australian dollars, went home, and wrote another poem. I realized that the poetry is its own reward. No amount of accolades can ever match the feeling I get when I look at something I’ve written and think, “Wow, that’s EXACTLY how I feel.”

That’s what poetry does: it helps you express what you feel in a way that cuts open the wound, drains the pus each time you read it. Writing a poem is like brewing your own medicine. No one can sell you a healing potion like the one you can make for yourself.

Are You Ready for a Journey?

Since poetry helped me so much, I wanted to make something that made it accessible to others. Maybe you’ve tried to write before. Maybe you’ve had trouble starting. Or maybe you’ve started and gotten discouraged with the progress.

The good news is that this is all common and fixable. Writing is supposed to feel good, even when it makes you cry. It’s supposed to feel like taking a weight off your chest, like removing the claws choking your throat. It’s supposed to make you feel heard.

If you are ready to find a healing path through words, come join me for Write Out Your Pain.

None of the material in this course is from Google. This isn’t some internet how-to list. This is from one writer to another: real talk. It’s how I do what I do, and I’m making it as accessible as I can.

What Participants Are Saying

Here are some screenshots of things participants of Write Out Your Pain have written to me after the course:

Ready to Start?

Great news. This whole journey will cost you only as much as you can afford. It’s open for PWYC, suggested donation $50, but don’t feel shy if you don’t have that. I’d rather see you thrive through writing even if you only have a dollar rather than make money and know there’s someone out there I could have helped but didn’t.

You can join today using the button below. Please adjust your PWYC price before pressing “checkout.”

Along with your purchase of the course, you’ll also receive PDFs of my two most recent poetry books. The videos will be private uploads to YouTube that will be available to you forever after you sign up. If you have any questions, please let me know now. See you on the other side, friend.