Are you on the journey of self-discovery and healing? Do you wish you had a community to support you? That is exactly what the Love Tribes are here to do—give you a safe, supportive community where you can get support and inspiration on your journey of being human.

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What Is A Love Tribe?

A Love Tribe is a collection of people who come together to heal, grow, and change the world. It is a community based on love first. When people join support groups, it’s often in the name of some specific kind of suffering or to learn some specific doctrine. This isn’t like that. A Love Tribe is a support group for being human. The point is to form a new family—a community that cheers you on when you’re being brave, lifts you up when you’re down, and believes in you when you don’t believe in yourself.

Love Tribe Guidelines

Before you join using the links below, please read these guidelines to get an idea of what sort of space we’re creating and how it might be different from other spaces.

  1. Vulnerability – We are all about sharing authentically, honesty, and openly. We share our emotions, fears, insecurities, and hopes. We are here to show our raw, authentic selves. This is a space for deep connection. This is not a place for self-promotion or indoctrination. We are here to be human together.
  2. Communication – We understand that miscommunication is rampant in human relationships, especially over the internet. We account for this. When we post something on the group, we do our best to communicate what we are looking for (for example, “I’m looking for specific advice” or “I’m looking for encouraging and supportive words”). We do our best to tell people what we need. And, as we reply to the posts of others, we try to understand their needs and intentions. Of course, miscommunications will still arise. We learn from these. We let others know when there are conflicts or triggers, and we sort them out compassionately. We apologize. We accept apologies. We let others know when they inspire and uplift us, and we become each other’s cheerleaders. When we talk about how we feel, we use “I” statements in order to respect one another’s feelings and take responsibility for our own experience (i.e. “When you said… I felt…” instead of “You made me feel…”).
  3. Compassionate Support – When a person shares their emotional experience, we empathize. Empathy is the active creation of a space within yourself for another person’s emotions. It means you feel with the person, instead of simply intellectualizing their experience and giving advice. If you feel the other person’s pain, you’re practicing empathy. Compassion, then, is the act of reaching out full of empathy and responding with love and without judgment. In most situations when a person is sharing their emotions, the most compassionate words do not give instructions, but rather say, “I understand, I feel you, I care, and I hope you feel better.” Our compassion, also, goes beyond just the members of the group. When we talk about human beings in general, we avoid judgmental language (e.g. “toxic people,” “energy vampires,” “jerks,” etc.) We do this because we recognize human cruelty as originating from a lack of love (and, most notably, a lack of self-love), and we realize that people in this tribe might be in that very situation. If you’d like to read more about the art of providing emotional support, you’re invited to read this article.
  4. Self-Awareness – We are committed to exploring our own reactions, emotions, and triggers. We are here to share what we are learning about ourselves, and to learn from each other. If you are triggered by something that happens here, first, look within. Ask yourself why you are reacting that way. Be gentle with yourself and be gentle with the other person. We are here to search for our own emotional triggers and to become more familiar with the triggers of others. Like this, we can know ourselves deeper through our interactions. However, our self-awareness must be balanced with communication. Profound community-wide healing can happen when a person takes responsibility for their feelings AND communicates about it in an effective way.
  5. Friendship – This is a place to make lifelong friends. Please, message others, reach out to them, and form deep bonds. Don’t be shy! Friendship is so important, and we all work together to be the loving family we’ve always needed.
  6. Community – Every part of this group, including these guidelines, is open to discussion. We take pride in working together, without any power structures or hierarchies. You are invited to speak up if something does not feel right and to share your ideas freely.

Join a Love Tribe

There is a Worldwide tribe as well as tribes which are location-specific and language-specific. You can join as many tribes as you wish. To join, click on a link below. You will be navigated to a Facebook page where you can request to join the group. You should be approved within 24 hours. If you have any questions about the groups or if you would like to open a new group with a new theme, please email me to let me know.

Love Tribe – Worldwide

Love Tribe en Español

Love Tribe – Southwest USA
(California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Texas, Oklahoma)

Love Tribe – UK and Ireland

The tribes above are only on Facebook. You are welcome to take these guidelines into your own hands and bring them to a new Meetup group or another social media channel. You are also welcome to start a Facebook group that is in another area or around another topic. If you’d like some help with starting up your own tribe, please email me. I will post it here for you once it’s set up.