Vironika will show you that, no matter who you are or what’s happened to you, you too can have peace of mind. And she doesn’t just stop there. She’ll show you how to use this important knowledge to help people and save the world.

Christina Rasmussen, bestselling author of Second Firsts

Vironika is the first and only teacher I’ve worked with or read who is so willing to share her own very human experience, in all its perfect imperfectness. Her openness about her pitfalls and trials is what makes the message so accessible. I’m not looking up at a perfect guru, whose lesson will remain always out of grasp. I’m looking directly into the face of a beautiful soul who loves and accepts me just how I am, and I am able, finally, to see beauty and strength in myself too.

Lorissa Hughes, client

I had the pleasure of interviewing Vironika Tugeleva on my radio show. I was very impressed with Vironika’s authenticity and wisdom. As I said on my show, she reminds me of a young Marianne Williamson! I would highly recommend Vironika and her work for anyone looking to heal and find peace and love in their life.

Doug Foresta, LICSW, licensed therapist and talk show host of Creating Change on Empower Radio

Vironika’s love is real, its unconditional, and it comes from a place that we all recognize. Our love mindset has always been there, Vironika is simply reminding us of what we already have inside.

Leace Hughes, Elephant Journal

I was seriously struggling with tying my heart and mind together when I found Vironika’s book The Love Mindset. After reading The Love Mindset, and realizing that I was not, in fact crazy, I reached out to Vironika through her website. Vironika helped me to connect my heart and brain so that they see the gifts that each one brings to the table. In doing so, honor both the mind and the heart to create a Love Mindset for my whole being. Working with Vironika has been, truly, a metamorphosis into discovering the fullness of Who I Am.

I feel whole and complete. I don’t feel that I am “missing” anything because through this journey, I have found that both the heart and brain can co-exist AND BE HAPPY!!! I am able to be compassionate and loving, and I am completely satisfied with the decisions that I make. Finally, the critic that lives inside my head, is even impressed that soul and mind can co-exist, be happy AND excited to move forward without fear.

Wendi Spisak, client

As our human family finds itself in the midst of an immense awakening and spiritual evolution, we desire real, authentic and wise guides that can help connect us with our own inner guidance and inspire our greatest potential as human beings at this time. Vironika is one such guide who vividly shines the way for others to connect with their own source of inner love, joy and brilliance. Having had the pleasure to meet and interview Vironika, it was heart warming to experience her authentically loving energy that permeates throughout her entire being.

Evita Ochel, consciousness expansion teacher, author & host of Evolving Beings TV

Vironika has tapped into a timeless wisdom that lies far deeper than most self-help discourse. The Love Mindset is indeed something the world needs now! Her courage to speak openly about her own life struggles was impressive and her presence and wit made for a truly engaging conversation. Vironika was a one of my favorite guests; she is the real deal!

Gregory Berg, Host/Producer of Radio Enso

Vironika is an incredible teacher and a source of inspiration. Her focus on loving ourselves first and the futility of looking externally for our happiness are at once simple and brilliant. Her work is thoughtful, accessible and incredibly effective. She has had a profound impact on my thinking and in turn my life.

Gregory Lawrence, Meetup attendant

I had the honor of interviewing Vironika for a virtual conference I was hosting. Vironika has such a grounded, yet playful energy when she is talking about her life experience and how she made a shift from a cynical, self -destructive individual to an empowered, loving, passionate individual. Her love and compassion truly shines forth as she talks about her healing journey. Vironika uses her insight and wisdom to help listeners explore their inner strength, uncover their love mindset and be love. It was truly a pleasure to have Vironika share her authentic loving self with our listeners.

Cassandra Herbert, owner of Just BEE Wellness

Vironika never ceases to amaze me with her grounded wisdom. The way that she has taken what she had experienced in her life and used it to positively impact people is nothing short of amazing. She has the ability to cut through spiritual ambiguity and provide clear and concise guidance that can help so many people where they are on their life journey. If you’re looking for someone to help you on your spiritual journey, I would recommend Vironika, without reservation.

Victor Schueller, author, speaker, coach, host of Positively Empowered Radio

It is not only her wisdom that recommends Tugaleva, but her compassion for others, which leads her to answers that, if we could embrace them, might transform our relationships with one another.

Justin Cascio, Author and Managing Editor, The Good Men Project

Vironika embodies self-love and care in a mature way. Many people talk it. Ever the student of life, Vironika’s wisdom is beyond her years. Vironika’s unconditional acceptance moved me safely out of my head and into my core. Thinking my way out of things was useless if I could not feel and heal. Vironika’s unlimited e-mail support was no joke. She was truly there for me, and her responses timely. I am amazed at her commitment to my growth. She is a wonderful listener and our Skype sessions always left me empowered, ready to be with and stand up for myself.
Stephanie Hoffpauir

There are times when you read something, and then you slowly look around the room, and think to yourself “That’s me! how did she know!”

That’s Vironika.

And that is what happens when you come from a point of authenticity, and are able to articulate who you really are in a way that connects with people.

And yes, that’s Vironika also.

Vironika is thoughtful, insightful, passionate, and funny. I have been fortunate enough to be the publisher of several posts on The Good Men Project, and she has never failed to inspire. Her work resonates with both men and women. I would trust Vironika with my soul. She has the power to move people towards positive change.

Lisa Hickey, author, advertising consultant, social media consultant, CEO of Good Men Media, Inc., and publisher of The Good Men Project

I feel so very blessed to have met Vironika. I have struggled with a lack of true identity most of my adult life which has caused anxiety, depression and generally not knowing my self worth. This overall lack of love for myself and others affected my intimate relationships. My marriage of over twelve years ended five years ago when my husband left me. Instead of working on myself I did the next best thing I thought: get into another relationship to desperately seek the love from an outside source. My relationship was not a healthy one from the start, but for the first time I was instantly attracted to this person physically and I fell so hard. I was controlling and attempting to make someone with addiction get better and love me – but he didn’t feel anything more than a friend for me. I became completely obsessed in winning his love and admiration while totally losing myself in the process.

Both he and my husband chose to leave me for another woman. I carried anger, guilt and self judgement and loathing for so many years I did not even realize it. I have been in traditional therapy for many years searching for the quick fix of diagnosis and medication. I searched out codependency and self help books and even meditation sessions to get better.

Through being in a Meet-Up group I received an email from an upcoming speaker – Vironika Tugaleva. Her initial email was about loving yourself and how love is abundant and the key. I emailed her with a final hope that someone could finally put me on the path. She is the first and only life coach I will have. Finally: someone that understood me. Finally someone who walked in my shoes found a new and happy way to live.

Through my meetings with her she has given me a new way to live life and loving is really the answer. Letting go of emotional suffering is not purely distracting and ignoring your pain but actually feeling it and walking through it. I now look at other people differently than before. I have learned that because I have judged and labelled myself so much I didn’t know how to really love. I am still on my path but I feel Vironika has helped point me in the right direction and I am making small changes everyday to accept my feelings and appreciate my importance in this world where we are truly loving beings deserving of self love. Thank you Vironika. I am eternally grateful for your love and wisdom.

Karen Maynard, client