Lately, I’ve been in radical self-love mode. I’ve had to put my travels on hold this year due to a family emergency, so I’m experiencing a good old Canadian winter for the first time in 3 years. If you live in a place with seasons, I’ll confirm something you might already suspect: sun deprivation is very real!

I’ve had to step my self-care up a few levels to match my current reality. Before the winter, I was running every other day. I was playing my guitar, singing, and reading a few times a week—when I felt like it. Now, I’m doing those things every single day. If I don’t, I feel the repercussions.

I’m actually incredibly grateful for this opportunity to show up for myself. I have felt a deep sense of self-respect lately—a gratitude for my own willingness and dedication to do what I needed myself to do …even if it meant making unplanned changes.

I’m also working hard on The Art of Talking to Yourself and getting excited about seeing it come together. It’s been much more relaxing since I moved my deadline and gave myself permission to receive from the people around me. Making these choices has been just as important as changing my habits.

Every day, little opportunities arise for me to listen to what I’m saying to myself. I can take them or ignore them. And each time I make a choice to honour my needs, I feel fuller, more alive, more human. I feel loved by the one person whose approval I really need: me.

I’ve also felt so inspired by the courage and tenacity of the people in the 30 Day Self-Love Challenge group! We started a group challenge on February 1st, and I’m watching so many honest, beautiful, courageous people step up for themselves. It’s helping me step up for myself too.

I got to thinking that February must be a radical self-love month for many of us. In many places, it’s freezing and desperately lacking in Vitamin D. The holidays are long gone, and some of those habits we regressed to in December no longer have any excuses. Our resolutions, if we’ve made them, start falling apart. Valentine’s Day. Family Day.

So, in case you need it, I wanted to give you a dose of motivation and inspiration on your self-love journey. I’ve collected some of my best and favourite self-love quotes from social media. I hope these make you smile!

You’re welcome to share these quotes wherever you wish. You can also save them or print them. I hope they’ve been inspiring to you! Let me know if there are any other types of quotes you’d like me to compile in the future, and I’ll see what I can do.


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