Do you lose yourself in all your responsibilities and worries? Do you get so wrapped up in thinking about what other people think, about what could go wrong, or about what mistakes you’ve made that you forget who you are, what you’re capable of, and what is important to you?

Feeling detached from yourself is a message from your deepest wisdom. The message is: come back. Come home to yourself.

This 30 minute meditation will help you do just that. Return to Yourself is a deep, powerful inner journey that will help you:

  • Break through layers of fear and worry to unleash your true identity
  • Dissolve stress, worry, and doubt, unveiling peaceful clarity within which you can make decisions and be creative
  • Release built up stress and tension, allowing you to be free to communicate with other people and do the day’s tasks more efficiently
  • Reconnect to your inner power, unleashing a strong sense of confidence that will dissolve your insecurities and put you in direct alignment with your highest potential
  • Give you more mental and physical energy by integrating all the parts of you to work together, allowing you to operate from one, clear perspective

This meditation will break through the shell you build up around yourself, day to day, and release the inner power from deep within you. Returning to yourself feels like running into a pair of warm, comforting arms that have been waiting for you all along.

It’s a journey you can take every day and, each time you do, you will release hidden potential for creativity, healing, and courage. It’s a journey worth taking. You deserve it.

Here’s a 45 second sample from 0:40 to 1:26 of this 31:05 meditation. Enjoy it!

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