Whatever you are working on—whether it’s your physical health, mental health, relationships, or career—a healthy sense of self-love is an essential tool for your journey. Without it, everything is more difficult. Instead of blaming yourself or blaming circumstances, you can access the peace and happiness you deserve.

What Is Self-Love?

“Love is misunderstood to be an emotion; actually, it is a state of awareness, a way of being in the world, a way of seeing oneself and others.”
David R. Hawkins

The idea of self-love is often misunderstood. People believe that self-love is the same as narcissism or that self-love only comes to those who are “lovable.” Let’s take a moment to clear this up.

Self-love, like love for any other person, is the natural outcome of taking the time to understand, accept, heal, appreciate, and nourish the person you are (as opposed to the person you think should be).

Self-love is self-understanding. Self-love is self-awareness. Self-love is self-care.

Building self-love is not a matter of becoming lovable, nor is it a matter of becoming better than others. It’s about connecting to yourself in an authentic, sustainable way and doing everything you can to nourish that connection.

How Will Self-Love Help You?

“When I loved myself enough, I began leaving whatever wasn’t healthy. This meant people, jobs, my own beliefs and habits—anything that kept me small.  My judgement called it disloyal. Now I see it as self-loving.”
Kim McMillen

Self-love changes lives—for better when it’s there and for worse when it’s absent. Here are some of the ways that having self-love can impact your life:

  • Confidence. Self-love helps break your addiction to the approval of others because your own approval becomes the most important thing.
  • Accomplishment. Loving yourself means developing an awareness of your skills and talents and cultivating the courage to pursue them.
  • Physical health. Taking the time to understand your body’s needs and capabilities is essential to developing long-term habits of caring for your physical health.
  • Mental health. Loving the person you see in the mirror is the only way to help that person through any kind of distress. When you take the time to understand yourself, you can actually help instead of just trying to shut yourself up.
  • Self-forgiveness. Seeing yourself with eyes of love is the only way to forgive yourself for the mistakes you’ve made in the past so that you can stop being held back by the person you were and start appreciating the person you are.
  • Healthy relationships. Cultivating love for yourself will give you the essential practice you need to build relationships based on love rather than need.
  • Leadership. If self-love is difficult for you, then persevering on this journey will help you develop the ability to love when it’s difficult, which is your one-way ticket to compassionate leadership and helping others.
  • Patience. Self-judgment tries to convince you that if you just fix that one last thing, you can earn your own approval. Self-love will teach you to accept self-discovery as a lifetime journey. Like this, you will not only overcome chronic perfectionism, you will also develop deep, resilient patience for the process of change and the way of life.

Just imagine how different your life could be if you took the time to cultivate a better relationship with yourself. Why not begin today?

Join the 30-Day Self-Love Challenge

You have been criticizing yourself for years, and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.
Louise L. Hay

This challenge was designed to help revolutionize your relationship with yourself through daily tasks that dig deep into the mental, emotional, and behavioural patterns that govern how you feel and think about the person in the mirror.

The 30 days of the challenge are divided into three sections:

  1. Cleansing. For the first 10 days, you will develop an awareness of what has been holding you back in the past and begin to remove those limitations.
  2. Appreciating. For the next 10 days, you will cultivate gratitude, understanding, and appreciation for who you are in the present.
  3. Growing. For the last 10 days, you will develop skills and insights that will help you become who you’re meant to be in the future.

I’m also inviting all participants of the 30-Day Self-Love Challenge to a private Facebook group that we lovingly call the “tribe.” This space is incredible. All the participants have come together in the name of self-love, compassion, and self-awareness to create a safe, supportive haven for self-discovery. This group is the perfect place for you to make new friends, receive the support you need, and share your story with the people who will be most inspired by it.

As for the program, all the videos will arrive into your email inbox daily after you sign up. Each video is filmed in a different spot in beautiful Costa Rica, so you can enjoy the beauty of nature while learning to enjoy the beauty within you!

This is going to be a fun and powerful process, and I’ll be with you every step along the way.

In a nutshell, you’ll receive:

  • 30 video tasks of deep, intensive, life-changing tasks that will transform your relationship with every part of you—your body, your inner guidance, your inner gremlin, your emotions, your thoughts, your dreams, your fears, your past, your passion, and your purpose.
  • Lifetime access to a community of like-minded people on the same journey—people who will understand why you’re doing this, what you want, and where you want to go.
  • Lifetime access to all the videos, so you can go at your own pace and repeat the challenge whenever you want!

What Participants Are Saying

All though I’m not on social media of any description, tendencies to be a loner who is an introvert. Vironika’s self-love challenge was awesome. Helped me heal on a number of levels. I’m definitely more comfortable in my own skin. Social situations don’t freak me out as much. Gave me more confidence in myself. It’s not age specific. I’m 55 and found the experience priceless. Can’t give this course descriptions that do it justice. Totally awesome. Find out for you, your worth it!
Brian Kretschmann

Vironika’s 30 Day Self Love Challenge was filled with heart, wisdom, and challenges that were both fun and deep. Her authenticity gathered a group of strangers who became a loving, supportive community. The challenges are timeless. I will be doing them again and again.
Lynnet McKenzie

Everyone at some point needs a bit of a handhold to make that first climb out of the pit of self doubt. For me this challenge as constructed by Vironika handed me a great vantage point to not only start my climb back up but to also create perspective to set a safe route back to the top.
Erik H.

Thanks Vironika! Love it. Love you. Love our tribe. Thanks for all the gifts I’ve received due to the challenge. I’ve received: wonderful new friends, community, a safe place to share my accomplishments not just hard times. A community free from judgements or criticism. I’ve received applause and encouragement of my dreams. I’ve got friends who’ll chat with me at 3 am! I feel better about myself and more comfortable in my own skin. I have a bit more courage. I now fit in somewhere. The more I connect, the more risks I take, the more happy to be alive I’m feeling. Never had this experience before! It’s mind blowing! I’m filled with gratitude!!!!!!
Bette C.

Vironika appeared at the perfect moment in my life when I was lost within myself. Her daily challenges has allowed me to reach depths I’ve never discovered, face my deepest fears and gain clarity. I could feel a huge shift in my perception of everything. Now I am not afraid to just be myself and shower myself with love. I’ve never felt more genuine and authentic in my life!
Kenneth L.

Vironika’s 30 Day Self Love Challenge needs a new name : how about Vironika Knows What’s Up! …I have to admit – I was a bit nervous in the beginning of this, mostly because I am not a ‘by video learner.’ I generally prefer the whole PDF thing. I am now SOLD on YouTube challenges/courses… Whether she was speaking of authentic desires or acceptance and change, she had my attention with every single video. And she is amazing and a natural on camera. The content was incredible and nothing short of brilliance. And the varying scenic outdoor places she had us on tour with were all incredible and made me a better person… Vironika has helped me see that I am worth something. Blessings to her, and anyone that comes across her. If you are in her life, then count your stars, because this woman is a rare gem. And we are all better people because of knowing her.
Renee Avard-Furlow

The cost of this Challenge is worth your weight in gold. You won’t regret registering for this Challenge or register for someone else as a gift or just because! I’d like to also include that this has been the most loving, enriching, and therapeutic group I’ve ever belonged to and I have new friends here that will last a lifetime … It’s so liberating to be able to be so open, honest and authentic without judgement. Now that is liberating & priceless!
Sharon L.

The 30 Day Self-Love Challenge is a unique and beautiful experience. There is so much about self-love on the Internet these days and to be honest, I couldn’t quite grasp the whole idea. But Vironika makes it so simple to understand and put into practice. Her videos are priceless because she has a warmth and honesty about her that makes you feel calm and centered and more able to accomplish what you want to. It has also brought me many new friends that I treasure…people really care about each other in this tribe. It truly is like a family and Vironika is our loving mother.
Sheila Bergquist

How to Join

The 30 Day Self-Love Challenge is now available through Udemy. You can join by clicking the button below. If you have trouble affording the course fee of $50, please complete the financial assistance application.

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