“For anyone who’s tired of feeling angry, depressed, or hurt, this book is a beacon of hope!”
~Christina Rasmussen, bestselling author of Second Firsts

After a decade-long struggle with mental distress, addiction, eating disorders, and profound self-hatred, Vironika Tugaleva faced a choice: change or die.

Reluctantly, she chose to change. Nothing could have prepared her for what came next. Vironika’s life as a suffering cynic ended when she found herself having a spiritual awakening.

Drawing from first-hand experience, what Vironika says in this important and timely book isn’t fanciful fluff or indoctrinating dogma. Her approach to healing, love, and spirituality is unconventional, deep, and refreshingly real.

Winner of the Silver medal for best self-help book of 2013, The Love Mindset offers a surprisingly simple look at how we can heal our relationships with ourselves and with each other.

If you feel like you’re too broken to fix, hold out your last shred of hope and give Vironika a try. She won’t disappoint you. She will teach you about the power of love, the purpose of life, and the potential of people united. She will show you to yourself.

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Amazon Reviewers Are Saying…

Epiphany inducing to say the least!” ~Laura

“This book is not just a nice read when you have free time, it’s a must!” ~Leon

“I am so happy I bought Vironika’s book!! She shows you how to heal your relationship with yourself (which is the most important relationship of all) … Beautifully written in a language I can easily understand. I’ll read it again…” ~Dirk Terpstra

Would recommend this book without hesitation. Great insight and a great read. Would read it again and again.” ~Dr. D. Cunningham

“The book totally took me by surprise by the pure genuineness of the author; no titivating, no wasted words.” ~Glynne Boucher

“This book has absolutely started a revolution in my life!” ~Lorissa

“I love Vironika Tugaleva’s raw, honest story about moving from self-hate to self-love… Vironika is that rare author who does not sugar-coat love and forgiveness. …She demonstrates how life is a gift, an opportunity and a conversation with yourself.” ~Martine Joseph

“I’ve read many books on my path to self-love, but this is by far one of my favorite for the fact that it is so simple.” ~Kellie Cathey

The Love Mindset shows us how we can move from feeling alone and undeserving of love to being completely fulfilled and satisfied with self-love…I highly recommend reading and journaling with this book.” ~Lori Lynn Smith

“Heart-felt, engaging, encouraging and inspiring!” ~Evelyn Lim

“The book contains some brilliant writing.” ~Sam Shelley

“It is a book I enjoyed a lot because it is written in a very honest and human way.” ~Garbriela

Goodreads Reviewers Are Saying…

“I found the book very engaging, and I was able to read it in one sitting. Even so, I will pick up the book in the future to read again…I felt very comforted by the words, and I felt any tension I had just float away. That might sound a bit cliché, but I truly felt at peace while reading this book.” ~Christine

“It is one of the very few books I have read that is so complete in its true understanding of the subject, in this case love, that it inspires the reader to read it again because it is so complete. It is like a delicious cake that is filling when first tasted but no crumb is left behind because it is so exquisite. You relish every morsel and do not want miss a single piece.” ~Carmen Mandich

“I got so much out of this book and will be going back to it time after time to re-read sections of chapters that I highlighted. The book spoke to me from the first page and I was able to recognize myself in many sections. Just reading the book, before I’ve even tried to use any of the suggestions, I feel a sense of peace and hope.” ~Katarina

“If you’re ready to have your world shaken up, dismantled, investigated, and then lovingly put back together again, this is the book for you! I highly recommend it.” ~Yve Bowen

“This book connects to the modern person and their reoccurring search for purpose in a disconnected and toxic social life. I highly recommend this book to anyone seeking to truly understand self actualization. You won’t be disappointed.” ~Elsa

“…this book found me and spoke to my soul. I know that sounds drippy, but it’s the truth…Chapter after chapter, I was absorbed and drawn in.” ~Lynn

“As you turn the pages and read the words you may see yourself reflected in them, experiencing again, those feelings you never acknowledged or were too afraid to. Only this time, you’ll find yourself emerging victorious, overcoming whatever held you back from healing yourself.” ~Vidya Sury

The Pros Are Saying…

“For anyone who’s tired of feeling angry, depressed, or hurt, this book is a beacon of hope! The Love Mindset is a guide to healing yourself, no matter how hopeless and complicated things seem to be. Vironika will show you that, no matter who you are or what’s happened to you, you too can have peace of mind. And she doesn’t just stop there. She’ll show you how to use this important knowledge to help people and save the world. Empowering and enlightening, this book is your companion to positive change!” ~Christina Rasmussen, bestselling author of Second Firsts

“As Vironika shared her own story, I saw pieces of myself and pieces of the people I care about. Many times the book brought me to tears and I had to put it down. It was like looking in the mirror and there was a part of me that was used to not looking.” ~Elephant Journal

“Vironika Tugaleva’s The Love Mindset is an authentic, brave and beautiful guide to a more loving self and a more loving world. A great gift of words for anyone searching for the sacred place of self-acceptance, self-understanding and self-love.” ~Howard Falco, spiritual teacher and author of I AM: The Power of Discovering Who You Really Are

“If I had two words to describe The Love Mindset, they would be: fresh and powerful. This is because when I read it, something grabbed hold of me like it was the first time I’d seen a book in 5 years! Vironika shared herself in such a way that I instantly related to her. …The Love Mindset has made a thorough and lasting impression upon my heart. This is a book I will definitely return to.” ~Reuben Lowe, Mindful Creation

The Love Mindset is one of those books that had me hook, line and sinker from the first chapter.” ~Evolution Ezine

“In the midst of turmoil, this book comes as a breath of fresh air. It shows us how to have a peaceful life filled with long-lasting happiness.” ~Readers’ Favorite

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