I wrote this piece over the course of two days. By day 3, I had it memorized. By day 4, I was performing it. People loved it. It made them moan. It made them gush. It made them believe in magic again. It was a surprise to me as well, this sudden unleashing of passion. This piece made me change my plans. I became a spoken word artist, not just a poet.

Inconvenient Emotions is the first track from my upcoming album, Bursting Into Art. That name perfectly describes what happened to me. After years of healing the wounds of childhood trauma and addiction with self-love and spirituality, I came full circle, returned to the passion in my veins that makes me a human being, a woman, an artist.

After I released Inconvenient Emotions, I got a lot of emails and messages asking, “What happened between you and Jamie?” Change of Plans is an attempt to answer that question. It’s track 2 off Bursting Into Art.

This is the only spoken word poem I’ve written about that relationship so far. There’s more to say. But this piece nicely captures what I did say when I got off that 7-year ride.

I am slowly releasing my spoken word album, Bursting Into Art, track by track. You can donate to this project via BandCamp or PayPal if you’d like to support it.

I’m so grateful for your presence with me on this journey, especially those of you that have been with me since the self-help days. It’s a gift to be followed into the depths of my creative process and accepted as the ever-changing person I am. If you’re still here, you honour me. I feel the love. Thank you.

Thanks for listening, sharing, and being on this ride with me. I can’t ask for a greater gift than your attention 💚